Who is it for?

Nursing Students in their last semester of school.


New Graduate Nurses that are:

-Looking for a job

-Preparing for an interview

-Preparing for their first job

-On orientation NOT yet on their own!

What Does it Include?

*12 video guided modules 

*Printable PDF guides for each module

*An Empower 90 Journal/Planner to help you build your nursing confidence

*Access to our Nursing Community Group for life where you can ask questions LIVE and get them answered

How is it Structured?

This is a self-paced master class to guide you through the struggles of building a resume, applying for appropriate jobs for you, interviewing for nursing positions, crushing your orientation experience, becoming a STRONG and empowered Independent Nurse!

You take this course at your own pace, you gain access to all modules immediately upon registration and your Empower 90 journal will be to you within the week of registration!

The Master Class Modules Included Are:

Intro to the Course

1. The Empower 90 Method

2. How to Build your resume

3. Applying for the RIGHT job for you

4. Crushing your interview

5. Preparing for orientation

6. Preceptor-New Grad relationship building

7. Communicating with providers

8. Building independence while on orientation

9. How to handle your first shift alone!

10.Dealing with an error

11. Time Management as a New Nurse


EXCLUSIVE One-On_One Mentorship Opportunity

Are you feeling like you may need more of a One-On-One experience IN ADDITION to the course + group mentorship? I've got you covered! I am taking on 10 New Grads at this time who are looking for a more intimate mentorship experience. For 90 days we will meet virtually (one-on-one) to work through the things you are struggling with the most, so that you can be the most EMPOWERED Independent Nurse out there!


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